Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Matsuzaka Posted!

From FoxSports:

The Seibu Lions said Matsuzaka's rights will be "posted," meaning that all 30 major league teams can bid on the 26-year-old right-hander. The team with the highest bid gains the right to attempt to sign the pitcher.

The Lions reportedly plan to seek $30 million from a major league team just for rights to negotiate with Matsuzaka. That's not including the $13-15 million annual salary he'll likely earn.

Translation: If we don't get $30 million, we pull back the posting and he plays another year. It's obviously a price-inflating ploy. If Seibu doesn't accept a top bid of, say, $25 million, they can pull Matsuzaka back, but I don't see them taking that path. He becomes a free agent following 2007, at which time the Lions would receive no compensation for his departure. And something tells me that the extra revenue he draws minus his salary is over $25 million (for clarification, since I suck at verbalizing math: Total Revenue Solely Generated by Matsuzaka - Matsuzaka's Salary ≠ $25 million).

Then again, a $30 million bid may be required to top the field. Based on nothing but anecdotes I've read over the past two months, no team plans to bid that $30 million. The Red Sox may go between $20 and $25 mil just to compete with the Yanks. But I think that if Cashman plops down $30 mil, Matsuzaka will be wearing pinstripes in 2007.