Monday, October 09, 2006

Taking A Break

Not a long one, though. In fact, I've already written 4,500 words on what the Yankees can reasonably do to right the ship next year. However, pursuant to the direction this site will take, I'm going to take the ideas within those 4,500 words and craft five, maybe six shorter but more pointed pieces. I'll start posting them next week. It's just too soon to begin commentary, because most everything you see for the next week is going to be ridiculous.

What I will do, and hopefully this will be ready for tomorrow, is comment on the media's dealing with the Torre situation. It's sad, really. The arguments are rarely reasonable, mostly sensational. And that, my friends, leads to irrational discourse and the misleading of the general public. Mainstream sports media is a freakin' joke.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy the rest of the playoffs. I'm in the A's corner right now. If the Yanks can't win it, I'd love to see Billy Beane stick it to all of his detractors. I need to go over the game logs soon so I can put together a list of the "little things" Oakland does to win. I watched most of the series, and I'm pretty certain the A's weren't stealing, or first-to-thirding, or bunting (sacrificing), or hit-and-running, or any other stupid cliche Joe Morgan puts in your head.