Thursday, October 05, 2006

Amped Up for Some Day Baseball

Maybe the Tigers are bitter about losing home-field advantage. It seemed that way yesterday, as the newspaper stories this morning mentioned how the Tigers were miffed that they were not informed of the “certainty” of a postponement. Maybe if they had won a single game against the Royals, they wouldn’t have been in this predicament. It’s home-field advantage, guys, and it’s not just advantageous because the crowd is screaming for you.

So we move the game to 1:00 today, which miffs me a bit because, like most of you, I’m at work and in front of a desk all day. Thankfully, will have the archive waiting for me when I get home. The question, though, is if I can avoid any baseball banter at work.

Here’s the thing with today’s game: both pitchers have to mentally prepare for the game again, which is probably detrimental to the fragile psyche of a pitcher. Gotta give the advantage to the Yanks here for two reasons. First, Mussina supposedly knew about the impending postponement, meaning he was able to relax earlier than Verlander, who was throwing warm-ups during the delay. Compounding this issue is Verlander’s inexperience. The second advantage is that if pitchers are truly bruised by having to mentally prepare for a game twice (and we don’t know how true that is), the Yankees lineup can surely outslug the Tigers. That is, the Yankees would likely score more runs off a loopy Verlander than the Tigers would against a loopy Mussina.

In other LDS news:

The A’s took a swift 2-0 series lead against the home-field Twins, with the series headed back to Oakland. I’ve seen Oakland take 2-0 series leads on the road in the past, and I have one bit of advice for them: SLIDE, YOU STUPID FUCKING RUNNER, SLIDE!

The Mets, despite Billy Wagner’s efforts to blow the game, took a 1-0 lead over the Dodgers. The worst part of it all: the commentators began comparing Carlos Delgado to Derek Jeter. Do I even need to begin telling them how far off-base and sensationalist they’re being? Or would a thwap to the head with a frying pan serve them better?

Is there really anything to say about the Cards/Pads series beyond the obvious? The winner is rewarded by a pounding by the Mets or Dodgers.

In other, non-sports news:

I got both the new Killers and new Beck albums. I’ve listened to them once each, and have the following assessments:

Killers—I, uh, really don’t dig this. Maybe it’s because they set the bar so high with the first album. Then again, I wasn’t a big fan of “One Way Ticket to Hell and Back” by the Darkness when it came out, ostensibly for the same reason. So, while “Sam’s Town” gets a negative from me in the beginning, it surely will get another listen or two before I banish it to the land of CDs I no longer listen to.

Beck—It’s Beck, through and through. If you liked “Mellow Gold,” “Odelay,” and “Guero,” this one is right up your alley (though, my favorite album by him remains “Midnite Vultures”). The only difference I see among these albums is that “The Information” is a bit more upbeat. Not that the other albums aren’t; but there are less mellow tracks strewn throughout his latest offering.