Friday, September 08, 2006

Are You Trying To Say That Jesus Christ Couldn't Hit A Curveball?

Apparently these are nothing new, but odl reliable James pointed me in their direction, and I simply must share.

All the credit goes to Alien Loves Predator. Masterful, brilliant job.

Yes, Pedro Martinez would totally have beaned Jesus in the head. Also accurately portrayed in this strip is Stu Scott. I do wonder, though, if Steinbrenner would allow Jesus Christ himself to sport the full beard. It's against team policy, yes, but I think Mr. Christ can present a compelling argument.

There is one egregious inaccuracy here. The profile of Jesus shows him batting right-handed against Pedro Martinez. Are you telling me that Jesus Christ, the son of God, wouldn't be a switch hitter? If you can turn water into wine, walk on water, and heal the wounded, it stands to reason that hitting from the left side of the plate would just come naturally.

Of course, speaking of Jesus in such tones probably makes me a Godless Sodomite.