Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What do you think?

Predicatably, Joe Torre has implied that Sidney Ponson will start one game of Friday's doubleheader against the Red Sox. this seems logical at a glance, but allow me to offer an alternative.

Five games against the Red Sox, five pitchers in the rotation. You would think that the best solution would be to toss your five rotation starters into the fire for that series. Ponson would take Jaret Wright's start against the much less threatening Orioles on Thursday, paving the way for Wriggidy to pitch the day half of Friday's set. Wang would pitch the night game, followed by the normal rotation of Johnson, Mussina, and Lidle.

The catch: with Wang and Wright starting on Friday, the Yanks are left with a conundrum on the following Tuesday in Seattle. You either start Wright on three days rest (because there's no way in fucking holy hell Wang should be pitching with LESS rest), or toss Ponson that game. Now, Ponson's one decent outing this year came against the Mariners, with the bulk of the damage inflicted by a Richie Sexson home run.

Wright has had a light workload this year, so starting him once on three days rest isn't the worst idea. Starting Ponson in that spot, however, allows the Yanks to give Wang five days off rather than four, which would be ideal at this point. It would also set up the rotation for the Detroit series at the end of the month, with everyone getting an extra day off because of the Monday off-day.

So here are your choices:

  • Start Ponson against the Red Sox and all but forfiet the game.

  • Start Ponson Thursday against the Orioles, Wright and Wang for the doubleheader; Wright starts on three days rest Tuesday in Seattle.

  • Start Ponson Thursday against the Orioles, Wright and Wang for the doubleheader; Ponson starts again Tuesday, allowing Wang an extra day off and setting up the front of the rotation for Detroit, with each starter getting a day off.

Call me crazy, but I'm taking the third one.