Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This guy is much more intense than me

For any of you that don't check out the comments after each post, reader Kyle has taken my Ladewski bashing a bit further: he sent a series of e-mails to Mr. Ladewski, citing a whole ton of statistics that I'm much to lazy to look up.

His exchange is documented here.

The result is the exact reason that I don't attempt to correspond with these people. They're arrogant and don't believe that they could possibly be wrong and/or stupid. Kyle objectively broke down the scenario and forwarded those numbers along. I suspect that Ladewski didn't even look at the numbers, as his response didn't make any mention of them. Rather, he cited one flimsy statistic, and didn't even acknowledge the fact that the games are being called the same both ways.

When I rip a columnist, it's usually for my own pleasure. I make no secret of my aspirations to one day get paid to write about sports -- albeit never at the newspaper level. Ribbing the guys who currently are paid for this work gives me some degree of satisfaction. For the most part, I don't care who sees it. This time around, I'm kind of hoping Ladewski stumbled upon that post. And, if he wishes, we could go toe to toe. Not only do I have my own arguments, I have Kyle's rigorous research.