Thursday, August 17, 2006

That's All We Got? Two Goddamn Runs?

I'll be brief with the recap for two reasons.

1)I fuckin' hate losing to the Orioles. It's one thing to 1-run games to good teams like the White Sox, but to drop last night to the Orioles was inexcusable. And somewhere, someone is finding a way to pin this loss on Alex.
2)My main writing for the day can be found over at Off the Facade. It's my, uh, different take on Yankees/Red Sox weekend.

So let's start the bullet points:

  • After the third inning, we were ready to hang Cory Lidle. But then he settled in and sat down the Orioles like the fourth place team they are. We knew what we were getting when we acquired him: six innings, three runs, just about every time. He gave us six and a third last night, though it didn't look like he'd make it that far after the third. Had he been able to finish off the Orioles after getting two quick outs just one of those innings, and we have a different ballgame. That's baseball for ya.

  • It was evident from the beginning that the Yanks probably weren't going to hit Adam Loewen very hard, but one would think that the Os bullpen would blow it as they always do. When Loewen exited after five and a third, you could feel the excitement; LaTroy Hawkins, meet your owners. Alas, the cold bats stretched throughout the night, and the Yanks couldn't even pull through when Abreu and Alex gave them a fighting chance in the eighth.

  • Even though the Red Sox won, this loss didn't phase me like some losses earlier in the season. I guess I'm coming to the realization that you're not going 162-0. I should pen a book called, Teams Will Lose Games, Even In A Championship Season. The tabloids would never allow its release, though, because that viewpoint would put them out of business.

  • If we lose again today, however, I'll be chirping about it.

I guess the team is going to head out to Boston immediately after the game. Hopefully it will be via plane, because no one's going to want to sit in the New York-New England rush hour traffic right after a day game and right before a doubleheader. I suggest the Yankees each take an Ambien upon entering their hotel and rest up for tomorrow. The prospect of this doubleheader is scaring the shit out of me.