Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Manny Ramirez is a Great Baseball Player

But do you really want him on your team? From the insufferable Dan Shaughnessy:

This time, we have a juicy conspiracy theory, which holds that Ramírez is annoyed because of an official scorer's decision in Friday night's loss to the Yankees. Manny, who was absolutely scalding the baseball throughout the Yankee series (8 for 11 with nine walks), lost a base hit when a hard hopper clanged off the backhand glove of Derek Jeter in the fifth inning of the second game. In yesterday's Providence Journal, Sean McAdam wrote, "Ramírez was enraged by the call, and was so angry about it the next day that he had to be talked into playing the Saturday afternoon game."

Yeah, that's the attitude of a winner. Say what you will about Alex Rodriguez and his psychological problems, I still hold him in a higher regard than Manny, who routinely chooses to turn it off over the course of a season.

OK, it's Manny being Manny and everything is always forgiven by fanboys and sycophants because the numbers are there at the end of the year. For sure, none of Manny's teammates will call him out now because, like Francona, they know there's no upside to challenging Ramírez. But you can be pretty sure they're wondering what is going on with the savant slugger as he rests his hamstring while the team is freefalling.

Just ridiculous.