Monday, August 07, 2006

Livan Dealt

Proving that I don't check the major sports sites very much, I found this little bit on Yahoo! Jim Bowden sent Livan Hernandez packing for a pair of minor league pitchers.

This is quite surprising, given Bowden's failure to trade Alfonso Soriano. Twenty-three year olds Garrett Mock and Matt Chico were the compensation. As you can see from their stats, it appears Chico is the more promising of the two, but that's based entirely on a quick statistical analysis. I'm not sure as to their projections.

I don't know if it's a knee-jerk reaction to question Jim Bowden while trading, but I fail to see the sense in this. As stated, this comes with little to no knowledge of either Chico or Mock, but I certainly haven't heard their names making it around prospect circles. If anyone (Mike A., I'm looking at you) has any further information on these guys that would mitigate Mr. Bowden, please forward it along.

Apparently, Bowden's hope was that Hernandez would clear waivers, but the pitching starved D-Backs put in a quick claim. And I'm kind of figuring that the Red Sox put in a claim as well. In fact, with the pitching needs of most of the top teams, one wonders if Bowden truly believed that Livan would clear. If that in fact is the case, Bowden should be fired right now.

It would make more sense, to me, for Livan to be traded over the off-season. There isn't much pitching help available, making Livan an attractive option come Winter Meetings time. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see Arizona flip Livan and his inflated salary the Meetings for a better return than Mock and Chico.