Friday, August 18, 2006

I Hate Losing to the Orioles

That didn't exactly go as planned. A four and six start to a 21-game stretch is no way to assert your dominance. And losing two of three to the Orioles? Inexcusable in every way. We managed a total of four runs against Rodrigo Lopez and Adam Loewen, who bear ERAs of 6.03 and 6.12, respectively. If crappy pitchers can dominate the Yankees, we're absolutely screwed this weekend. A looksee at the Boston rotation:

J. Johnson25.04.323.960.721.377.20
J. Lester72.26.704.460.741.504.09
J. Beckett152.17.462.951.832.525.02
C. Schilling166.
D. Wells26.04.501.732.422.606.23

So yeah, pretty terrible other than Schilling.

I can't even analyze this series. You can break it down all you want, but there is no predicting what will happen over the course of these five games. The pressure really is on Wang not only to win the series opener, but take some pressure off Ponson in the night cap. Statistics can tell you a lot, but they can't tell you how Ponson will perform in the face of a loss vs. a win.

This isn't a certainty, but it's been seriously discussed over the past few days. My buddy Andy and I are starting up another sports blog, An Irrational Discourse, and we're thinking about live-blogging the Saturday game. We'll be discussing our reactions to everything, along with poking fun at Tim McCarver (but no Joe Buck! WOOOOOOOOO!!!). Be sure to tune in around noon, since it wouldn't be a live blog if we didn't rip on the pre-game show. Then again, I don't know if I have the patience to handle Jeannie Zelasko.

And you know what? The boss is out until Monday, so there's a chance of a live-blog this afternoon. I might get the broadcast on, since I've gotten ESPN day games before. If not, it will be off the radio broadcast, so I may need some commenters here to explain a big, since Sterling rarely tells you the whole story.