Tuesday, August 22, 2006

DH for MVP?

John over at Pinstripe Alley has penned a few paragraphs beautifully describing why a DH should not win the MVP award:

Francona said Loretta was getting treatment all Sunday night to be ready for Monday's game. You can be sure the Yankee players were just as tired. Manny leaves in the fourth because of cramps. Crisp bangs his hand in the outfield trying to snare Giambi's game winning blast. Melvin Mora leaves a game after stabbing a Posada liner last week at third. David Ortiz never has to face this situation.

It's definitely the best argument I've heard to date because it doesn't home in on the value of defense, but rather the long-term difference between a full-time player and a DH. If Ortiz played first base daily, it's doubtful he would put up such gawdy numbers.