Friday, August 04, 2006

Asshole Bosses

I had my whole day at work planned out. It was carefully crafted, leaving me just enough work to get me through until the boss leaves. And then it's off to the shore for the weekend.

I sat down at my desk 10 minutes ago, and I immediately had a wrench thrown in. Apparently my boss is steamed that I didn't start something he told me to start Monday. This is not an isolated occurrence.

I was hired as the Assistant Editor, I am given writing and editing assignments, yet I am hounded incessantly about selling ads. Yes, that's how the publication makes money. No, that's not really what I was hired to do.

Anyway, it might be an hour before I post something, so in the meantime you can visit Off the Facade for the Yankees Family Tree.

And keep those sports columnist suggestions rolling in. I've gotten a few great ones so far, and the more I get the more I'll post.
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