Friday, August 25, 2006

Ah, Crap. Lost A Series To A Cellar Team.

Late inning comebacks are the stuff of inspired and/or well rested teams. For the series in Seattle, the Yankees were neither, and it resulted in dropping two of three. Normally, the mantra is to feed on the weak teams, but on the heels of the Boston series, I don't think it matters much that the Yanks lost this series. Sure, you'd like to take at least two of three from a last place team, but under the circumstances this is forgivable.

Despite the four runs he allowed over the first three innings, Randy Johnson gets the game ball for last night. After the third, he started to look like a more serviceable starter than he had in the first three frames, sitting down the Mariners while facing just two more than the minimum for the rest of the game. There is the key, folks: the rest of the game. Randy's perseverance gave everyone in the bullpen the day off, so there was something to gain by this game, despite the loss.

Now the bullpen will be rested, and the team will be inspired heading into Anaheim, a place where the Yanks can't seem to win consistently. Having a well rested bullpen is certainly one of the keys to this series, as the Yankees are trotting out Jaret Wright and Jeff Karstens for two out of the three games, and Cory Lidle – and you can't really expect anything from him – in the other.

Worrying my more than the pitching situation are the bats. We're entering the final three games of the 20-day, 21-game stretch, and the position players have to be reeling. This does not bode well for the series, since it's unlikely the Yanks and Angels will be mired in any pitching duels.

So, to recap:

  • Randy: awesome for finishing the game and giving the bullpen a day off.

  • Bats: worrisome because the pressure will be on them this weekend.

  • Karstens and Wright starting in the same series: frightening.

  • Day off on Monday: priceless.

I've got something up my sleeve for later today. Another idiot has written an article about how it's not fair that the Yankees spend a lot of money. So I'll have my commentary on that.