Monday, July 10, 2006

Spot On Analysis

This the 18,241,193th reminder that I very much dislike mid-season report cards. However, when such a report pops up with some real insight - i.e. it wasn't covered daily or weekly during the first half of the season - I take particular notice. This week will be dedicated to those reports. I'll try to conjure up a few of my own, but I'm a worn down and beaten man after the past few weeks. I'd like to thank Major League Baseball for having the foresight to schedule the All-Star break at the perfect time.

Anyway, I'll direct your attention to the Baseball Analysts, where Rich Lederer has posted the strikeouts per 100 pitches for every qualified pitcher. Along with the list - which has our beloved Chien-Ming ranked dead last - Lederer provides relevant commentary, which includes a mitigation of Wang.