Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Morning Notes

Everything was going smashingly. Then came that Wells dinger off Mo. Then came Jaret Wright. And when the ship looked like it might right itself, the Castoff Crew (Ponson, Wilson, Chacon) sent us spiraling backwards.

There are two teams to which the Yankees cannot avoid to lose: Toronto and Boston. Dropping three of four to one of those two hurts – as if you needed me to tell you that.

Let's do this thing notes style.

  • Congratulations to Alex for his 2,000th hit and 450th homer. He provided the only punch on Friday night, but everyone's focus is certainly on Saturday's Golden Sombrero. Honestly, I'm just glad it wasn't at the Stadium. I do wonder, however, how he's going to react to the crowd in Arlington, who will surely boo him at every opportunity.

  • What the hell are we going to do about this pitching situation? I still maintain that the only reasonable solution that appears an upgrade is Jon Lieber. Willis, Zito, and Schmidt are pipe dreams. They likely won't be dealt in the first place, and if they are, their price tag will be much steeper than Cashman should be willing to pay. Lieber's $7 million guaranteed salary in 2007 makes him more of a liability to the Phillies than the aforementioned three are to their respective teams. If Pat Gillick can be reasonable about this maneuver, I can see it happening by the weekend.

  • Does Ponson get another start? With the current state of the schedule, they won't need a fifth starter until the August 8-27 run, where they'll play 22 games in 21 days, including a four-game set at Fenway. This means that they'll know the state of the pitching staff (i.e. if an arm is acquired). So, in short, there's no real way to answer that at this point. It's nice to know, though, that we'll only be seeing Randy, Moose, Wang, and Wright from now through August 6th.

  • After perusing the second-half schedule, I have to say that the Yanks don't have it half bad. There are eight games against Boston, which is to be expected at this point. Actually, the best part about it is the 13 games against Baltimore. There are also 10 against Tampa Bay, and while they're not a bad team, they've looked completely over matched by the Yanks this year. And, mercifully, there are only nine remaining with the Blue Jays.

  • See Farnsworth on Saturday? How can we get him to do that all the time?

  • A thought I had this weekend when there was talk about Matsui returning by mid-August: who do the Yanks release? It has to come down to Guiel and Bubba, and since Matsui is able to play centerfield (albeit not as well defensively as Bubba), I think the bench is much better served with Guiel. The only problem I can see is the speed factor, but Cairo has acceptable speed. Or, why don't we nix the whole thing, recall Kevin Thompson and DFA both Bubba and Guiel? Sorry, too creative there.

  • There have been talks about recalling Aaron Small as the long man in the bullpen. Apparently Cashman and Torre have learning disorders.

  • Nice to see that guys like Nick Green were getting hits against the guy received as compensation for Shea Hillenbrand. Let's see: someone who gives up singles to a guy who will be DFA'd in a week, or a .301/.342/.480 hitter?