Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Madden Riffs on Abreu, Lieber

Bill Madden thinks Phillies GM Pat Gillick likes the idea of unloading Bobby Abreu and Jon Lieber in the same deal.

Gillick is also looking to unload ex-Yankee Jon Lieber, whose velocity and performance are down considerably this season and is owed $7 million in the final year of his contract next season. The prospect of dumping $27 million in a package deal could be irresistible for Gillick.

The Yankees are one of the few teams making waves here. For the third straight year, there were hardly any GMs at the All-Star Game, and the consensus is it's going to be another "down" market at the trading deadline.

Adding to Madden's credibility on this subject, he mentioned that the Astros were heating up talks for Aubrey Huff...which as you know happened today.

Once again, it all comes down to price tag, of which there's no mention. Sure, $27 million is a hefty sum to take on, even for the Yankees. But to acquire a big bat and a pitcher who has success -- playoff success -- in New York is very tempting.

While Gillick would obviously love the salary dump, he'll be under pressure to get actual value for the two players. Considering their salary, it's unlikely they'd end up anywhere but New York. But given what Cashman looks willing to part with, Gillick may not get his share in return.