Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Calling All Readers

Okay, guys; I need your help. I'm actually ::gasp:: busy at work today, so I'm not going to be able to compile all the information I'm after.

It's always fun to analyze deadline deals, and as I've stated in recent days past, I'm more interested in small deals that can improve big weaknesses. If you can make a slight improvement on a big weakness and accentuate your strengths, you've got a decent winning formula.

What I'm doing is going through the teams considered out of the playoff picture and seeing what spare parts they may have available. I've been able to go through a few, but it's getting a bit tough. What I'm asking from you, the reader, is that you compile a few of these guys and forward over their information, so that I can publish the report later today. You'll get full credit for anything you submit.

All that I ask is that this is kept within the realm of reason. Guys hovering around 30 years of age are ideal, as I don't expect any youngsters to be dealt. No superstars, no guys having phenom-esque years. Just regular dudes having regular dude years, who may be able to step into New York and take some of the load off. We're looking specifically for starters, relievers, and corner outfielders.

For example, I've got Scott Williamson and Will Ohman down from the Cubs. Those are the kinds of guys I'm looking to analyze.

As for your submission, all I ask you do is go to the player card, and click on 'stats.' From there, copy and paste the headings (G, AB, etc.), and copy and paste their 2006 stats below that. Don't worry if it doesn't line up; as long as you copy and paste the entire stat lines, I'll be able to figure it out.

Thanks in advance for the participation.

Update: In case there's any confusion, send those along to