Sunday, July 30, 2006



Stark reported the Yankees will send 18-year-old minor-league shrotstop C.J. Henry -- their No. 1 pick in 2005 -- and 27-year-old left-handed reliever Matt Smith. The Phillies will also pick one other minor-leauge player from an agreed-upon list, while the Yankees will take on responsibility for Abreu and Lidle's contracts.

I've been a C.J. Henry defender for a while now, noting that Jeter didn't fare all that well his first two years in the minors. It looks more and more like Craig Hansen, despite his contractual demands, would have been the smarter pick there. Having him in addition to J.B. Cox would have been super sweet.

That said, I'm not sad to see him go under these circumstances. And if Smith has to go in this deal, Smith has to go in this deal. The Yankees look to have a few bullpen prospects in the minor league system, so Smith was expendable.

Once again, more to come once the terms are finalized.