Monday, July 31, 2006

90 Minutes to Go

Andruw Jones talks ceased.

It was a long shot, but Theo Epstein decided to explore the path. Of course, standing in his was was genius GM John Schuerholz, who wanted Jon Lester in the deal. Theo balked, and it appears that there will be no further discussion. In any case, this deal wouldn't make sense from the Braves standpoint, as they've spent the past week dealing for relief help.

The A's are reportedly making a run at Soriano, though in all likelihood it's with the sole intention of driving up the price for Anaheim, who still remain in the game.

An interesting tidbit from MLB Trade Rumors:

'Stros GM Purpura ordered to deal Lidge.

As noted on the Trade Rumors site, the source of this information, Richard Justice, hasn't been a reliable source of accurate information. I wouldn't make much of this at all, especially the Blalock-for-Lidge whispers.

Jon Lieber got pulled after 4 2/3 today, giving up nine runs. All the sudden, Cory Lidle doesn't sound half bad.

Anyone want to start During my lunch hour, I tuned into WFAN to see what was going on. Russo was going on a tirade about how Sheffield is "FINISHED!" with the Yankees. I called in to voice my opinion on how the Yankees would be wise to pick up his option, but wasn't even let past the screener. I can only imagine what would ensue had I been let through, laid out the theory to Mad Dog, and had him berate me only to drop Buster Olney's name at the end.

Bottom line, the guy is a moron. Russo, that is.