Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yanks 6, Injuns 1


(What's this?)

Randy continued to confuse last night, tossing 6.1 innings of eminence en route to his eighth victory of the season. Wasn’t it just last Friday that he was talking to the ball against the A’s?

The difference was obvious: efficiency of pitches (78 at the time of his ejection) and a minimum of walks. This marks the first time Randy has failed to walk a batter since that infamous April 13th outing against the Royals. His season turned around following that game; he surrendered seven in his next start, and then after a redeeming appearance against Baltimore, he went into his Six Straight Shitty Games Streak.

[MORE]He has somewhat recovered of late, with that A’s game being his only real bad one of his last four. Can we expect more of this in the future? Well, if we’re to believe Gene Michael, Randy should be posting more numbers like this as the summer rolls on. However, I’m not nearly convinced. Even if he posts a lights out June, I would still be wary of Randy on a start by start basis.

As for his ejection, well, I have mixed feelings. Seeing Randy continue his efficient pitching into the eighth or even further would have been nice. However, he was protecting his boy Jorge (and sneaking in a little personal revenge), which is a positive sign I suppose. You never wish for anyone to get hurt, but it’s also nice to see someone on the Yankees staff unafraid to stir the pot a bit.

On the offensive side it was all smiles, but I guess that’s not a Caesarian accomplishment when Jason Johnson is the victim (his OPS against is .963). Even A-Rod got in on the action, driving in the game’s first run on what could have been scored a base hit. After his base hit later in the game, the Yankees Stadium crowd put their hands together rather than cupping them over their mouths. Hopefully this has planted the message in Alex’s head: if you play like shit, you’re going to get booed. Avoid playing like shit, avoid the jeers.

You know what would be great? To finish off this sweet ass sweep tomorrow. Mussina is just the man to do it, and with Cliff Lee’s current woes (guy depends on his defense, and his defense stinks), we have a very probable situation on our hands.

I have two options for tomorrow. I can suck it up and deal with the fact that I have to work with nary a computer to access, or I can shield myself from all news of the game, avoid listening to Mike and the Mad Dog on the way home, and plop myself in front of the computer to watch the game archive. I’m seriously leaning towards the latter.