Thursday, June 29, 2006

Who the....?

Renaldo Balkman? Seriously? The Draft is supposed to be the one aspect of the game in which Isiah doesn't look like a floundering idiot. And I realize that this draft wasn't the deepest, but surely he could have come up with a better selection than Renaldo Balkman.

This is what had to say about our newest draftee (emphasis mine):

Based on his statistics (9.6 points and 6.3 rebounds per game) and relative obscurity, his filing early-entry papers with the NBA office didn’t elicit much in the way of response in April. But his relentless approach and non-stop aggressiveness at both ends of the floor created a definite buzz for Balkman during the Pre-Draft Camp in Orlando and he’s now considered a possibility for the second round.

So let me get this straight. With Josh Boone on the board, Isiah opted for Renaldo Balkman The only way I could be more livid is if I actually knew who the guy is.

Not a single draft ranking service had him higher than 60th. This demands an explanation. What does Isiah see in him? Is he truly running with the “negative and a negative is a positive” idea? Because that' the only thing that seems to make sense following the draft.

The worst part of it all: there is little doubt he'd have been around with the 29th pick. Why waste the 20th pick on an undersized power forward, especially when you end up taking a point guard 29th? Is there a person out there who wouldn't have rather drafted Marcus Williams or Jordan Farmar with the 20th pick? Josh Boone? Anyone not named Renaldo Balkman?

The possibilities were endless. Several NBA role players were available, and Isiah passed on all of them for a gamble. The only line of reasoning is that he thinks Balkman can step in this year and make a difference. Because if he can't this year, Isiah may not have control of him next year.

Does anyone else sense the impending trade of Channing Frye in a deal for Allen Iverson? And if you do see it, does it make you sick to your stomach?