Monday, June 26, 2006

What? No Graphs?

It's been quite the weekend, full of 100 percent, pure awesome. As such, I didn't really get around to graphing yesterday's games. Thankfully, the good people over at Fan Graphs have been tracking the WPA for every Major League game this season. They'll be pinch hitting for me today.

Marlins 5, Yanks 0
Yanks 2, Marlins 1
Yanks 6, Marlins 5

I'll quickly say this: Friday night's game was stellar. We had to brave two innings of rain, but it was all worth it. Kyle Farnsworth gave me a headache, as per usual, but it was nice to see him pitch out of it. Also, seeing the Marlins commit three errors in an inning was quite the spectacle.

I'm out to the Stadium again tonight, and I'll try and take notes for a story tomorrow. For now, I'm just going to try avoid passing out on my keyboard.