Monday, June 12, 2006

That's Not Good For Business (That's Not Good For Anyone)


(What's this?)

Oh joy, a day off today. I’m thinking this is much needed. Hopefully the next time we see the Yankees they’ll be sans Cairo starting at short.

Quick point: I realize there would be all sorts of media ramifications had Torre chosen to make the wise move and slide A-Rod to short in Jeter’s absence. But Torre gets paid to do two things: deal with the media and fill out a lineup card that gives his team the best chance to win. I won’t be too brutal here, just because it’s way too idealistic to expect rational moves from Major League managers.

[MORE]--- it works now!Everyone wave goodbye to Kevin Thompson. It was a nice stay here in the Bronx, and even though he deserves to stay, the team will certainly play favorites and keep Crosby. While he’s a step up from Terrance Long, I think K.T. can provide far more value. Maybe the team will realize this after they realize that starting Bubba in right is an exercise in futility.

At least they DFA’d Scott Erickson upon Chacon’s arrival rather than optioning Matt Smith. Now it’s just a matter of keeping Smith on the roster once Dotel returns. It’s pretty obvious, however, that Aaron Small will remain on the roster, which again is a foolish move. That would leave Smith optionless should he return to the Bronx at any point in the future.

And don’t get me started on the Darrell Rasner situation. Another pitcher deserving of a shot that will undoubtedly be pitching for the Clippers when he’s reactivated. Here’s a short list of players not currently on the Yankees active roster I would rather have than Aaron Small: Darrell Rasner, Ramiro Mendoza, Jose Veras, Colter Bean.

Remember kids: Miguel Cairo playing off the bench is acceptable. Miguel Cairo playing every day is an atrocity. Keep this in mind when the trade deadline nears and you hear Cano’s name flying in every direction.