Monday, June 19, 2006

The One That Got Away


(What's this?)

The only thing you can really say about yesterday: well, sometimes you lose ones like that. Zimmerman’s game winner was only the fifth homer hit off Wang this year, so you can’t be real harsh on him. He pitched a gem that ended on a bad pitch. It wouldn’t have hurt nearly enough had they not diarrhead the bed on Saturday.

It’s not like the offensive gave him a ton of help, either. Actually, you can credit Mr. Rod for contributing a majority percentage of both runs. Posada may have the RBI for the first one, but A-Rod drew a key walk to set him up. And then the eighth, well, that’s what the man is paid to do.

For yesterday’s revelation, I direct your attention to Peter Abraham:

If you ask me, the game illustrated why the Yankees need to trade for a starter more than an outfielder. The back end of their rotation is killing the bullpen. Those short outings by Shawn Chacon and Jaret Wright caught up to the Yankees today.

Livan Hernandez is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to pitching deep into games. However, two problems exist with that scenario. First is that Jim Bowden will likely request Phil Hughes in return. Given the roster moves of the past few weeks, I’m fairly certain we’re hanging on to the 20-year-old. The second complication is that while Livan is still among the NL leaders in innings per start, his 6.50 mark is down from his 7.00 normality from recent years past. And he pitches in the NL, which, given the Yankees current pitching problems, does not look promising.

Just one starter can make the difference, though. Moose and Wang are proving themselves reliable Nos. 1 and 2 guys, and Randy just might be a serviceable third starter. After him, I figure either J-Wright or Chacon could act as the No. 5 starter (there are plenty of teams with a worse No. 5 guy), leaving a hole at four. How hard can it be to track down a fourth starter?