Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lack of a Substantial Post

Most of baseball took a day off yesterday, and I figured I should, too. I've had a few ideas on the back burner that would have been useful today, but I just didn't get around to putting the ideas into cohesive sentences.

If anything is more disappointing than a lack of a substantial post today, it's that I have absolutely nothing to say about the Cleveland Indians. One of the better stories of last year, I've found myself routinely bored with them. In fact, more Royals games have been viewed on my MLB.tv package than Indians (I guess I like to watch misery and suffering).

All I can say is that they're playing pretty terrible defense. Ronnie Belliard has come down to earth and provides a larger hole on the right side than the Indians had expected when you figure in their lack of a solid defensive first baseman. And from what I'm gathering, Aaron Boone hasn't been very graceful over at third, leaving Jhonny Peralta (best first name ever) as the lone infield glove.

And Jason Michaels is no Coco Crisp out there.

This should bode well for the Yankees against Paul Byrd, one of those guys who makes you put the ball in play. I have no doubt the Yanks can post circa four runs tonight, so it's all going to rest on Mr. Wang, who hasn't pitched in a week.

In personal news, someone stole my lunch yesterday from the refrigerator at work. My office employs nine people. This makes little to no sense. A full write-up is in the works.