Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cashman Continues String of Logical Roster Moves

We’re just not used to this kind of reason and logic in Yankeeland. Most notably over the past five years, the Yankees have made unfathomable move after unfathomable move, which in part has led to the five-year World Series drought.

It seems, however, that things have changed.

Brian Cashman continued his string of positive changed by finally DFAing the completely ineffective Aaron Small. His replacement, 25-year-old prospect T.J. Beam. Not considered an elite prospect before this year, Beam made some serious noise early on. He posted 37.1 scoreless innings in Trenton this season, and in general was lights out. He ran into some tougher times once promoted to Columbus, allowing four runs in 9.2 innings. However, he also struck out 13 and walked only two in that time, showing that he’s likely ready for the chance he’s getting.

The only question remains is that of his fate once Octavio Dotel returns to action, probably later this week. My guess is that Matt Smith will be the odd man out; I just don’t see Beam being demoted so fast, and especially after he was anointed Torre’s seventh inning man during Kyle Farnsworth’s down time.

With the addition of Beam, the Yankees bullpen potentially becomes much stronger. He’s another guy who can earn Torre’s trust (the manager even went so far as to say Beam pitched very well Saturday, despite the MONSTER home run to that dude Ward who is way too fat to be playing pro baseball). He and Dotel should be able to take innings from Proctor, which in turn should allow him more rest, leading to a greater degree of effectiveness. At least in theory.

Now, if he can just go and nail down a starter. Having one of Wright and Chacon in the rotation won’t be killer, but I’m not so keen on both. It’s way too early to speculate at this point as to who is truly available, but I’ve got a few names I’d like to forward along to Cash. Hopefully I’ll have an article about these guys later this week, but I’m figuring I won’t finish until next week at the earliest.