Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Braves 5, Yanks 2 (That was Embarassing Just to Type)

Happy Birthday from Chipper*.168J-Wright.149

*That was totally an error on Chipper, first for booting the ball and second for the lame-ass throw.
(What's this?)

Offense goes on; offense goes off; offense goes on; offense goes off. And so the story goes as the Yankees embarrassingly drop a game to the Atlanta Braves. The offense looked revved up, as Jeter and Giambi both hit the ball hard – albeit to a fielder – following a Damon walk. But they never got it going, and dropped a game to a mediocre-at-best starter.

That they didn’t put up runs for J-Wright’s fine performance disappoints me the most. And, when it comes down to it, yanking him after the sixth was the worst decision of the game – in hindsight of course. You really can’t fault Torre, but I do wonder how Wright would have fared in the seventh. I’d say that I hope he goes longer next time, but I’m not quite sure at this point if he’ll be good enough next time to warrant pitching the seventh. No, I don’t think I’ll ever really trust J-Wright.

In order to avoid loquaciously complaining about the lack of offense, I’ll just talk about Melky’s 3 for 4 (really 2 for 4) night. I know his home run was late and meaningless, but he got hits off guys against whom his teammates faltered. With his average having dropped to .250 (and not having even drawn a walk in his past six starts), he’s in need of an offensive boost. Hopefully he can build off tonight, or some tired cliché like that.

Coming tomorrow: Stinnett, Cairo, and possibly Bubba in the same lineup. You thought our offense had problems tonight? Check out this Cano-less crew. The scariest scenario:

Damon – CF
Jeter – SS
Giambi – 1B
A-Rod – 3B
Williams – DH
Cabrera – LF
Crosby – RF
Cairo – 2B
Stinnett – C

That’s good for .2, maybe .3 runs against John Smoltz. I swear, if we drop two of three to the Braves…