Monday, May 08, 2006

Yanks 8, Rangers 5 -- SWEEP!


”The Rangers may be atop the AL West, but there is absolutely no reason the Yanks can’t take all three this weekend. As always, I’ll be happy with two of three.”
-Me on Friday

So I was happy on Saturday and ecstatic on Sunday, as the Yankees actually went out and exceeded expectations. Not only did they complete their second sweep of the season (not counting those two-game series), but they knocked off a first place team on a six-game win streak. And if the A’s hadn’t stumbled against the D’Rays yesterday, we would have knocked the Rangers clear out of first place. But that would have been gravy on top of a turkey stuffed weekend in Texas.

[MORE]This weekend marked the passing of a few stages of the 2006 season. The stage where I complain about Matsui daily? Yep, I think that one has gone the way of the Dodo bird. And remember that stage – it started last year – where I complained of the team’s inability to hit mediocre, unproven starters? That one’s pretty much gone, as the Yanks have now tapped five straight mediocrities. Of course, this is known to be a recurring ailment.

Even A-Rod is in complaint remission, as he’s been taking serious strides in breaking out of his slump. In fact, if A-Rod wasn’t a certifiable head case, I’d say he’s completely out of the slump. But Boston’s in town this week, and A-Rod could psych himself out at any point and hit another 0 for 16 slide.

There is one stage, however, that remains in full effect, which is the DFA Sturtze stage. I think owns the unofficial record for least time to load the bases. I don’t think there’s a sane Yankees fan out there who can continue to defend Tanyon, leading me to an inquiry on Joe Torre’s mental health. I know people are crying for Octavio Dotel, but at this point I think we’d be happy seeing Matt Smith rather than Sturtze.

An uber-sarcastic “thank you” goes to Aaron Small, for sucking it up on Friday night. I understand that he’s only a few games into his season, but he can’t go doing things like that, because if he doesn’t pitch well, Sturtze sees more time in higher pressure situations. Note to Aaron: this is a team, buddy, and if you’re going to be a part of it, you need to do two things. 1) pitch decently and keep your ERA in the mid 3s. 2) pitch decently so Torre doesn’t have to resort to using Sturtze. It’s that simple. I’m not asking for 10-0. I’m just asking that he be trustworthy enough that we don’t have to see Sturtze walk the bases loaded on 12 pitches.

On a side note: Ken Singleton is an idiot. I actually started writing down some of his dumbass comments from Sunday’s game with the intention of lambasting him on this site. However, he makes this comments every game, and I’m sure most of you are already sick of hearing them. But let me have my fun and point out one gaffe. When talking about Rangers starter Robinson Tejada, Singleton said something to the effect that he, “made it all the way to AAA” in the Phillies organization, and now he’s getting “his chance at bat” (stupid fucking baseball cliché). I guess Singleton does zero research before games, since he completely missed the fact that Tejada pitched out of the Phillies bullpen last season. So he made it all the way to the Majors, Kenny, and he already got his “chance at bat.” Idiot.

Wow, I’ve complained a ton over the past few paragraphs. So, to end on a more optimistic note: Damon rocks, Jeter rocks, A-Rod rocks, Matsui rocks, Giambi rocks, and Mussina rocks the hardest.