Thursday, May 04, 2006

Yanks 4, Rays 2


All I have to say is that J-Wright deserved more credit than the WE gave him. But, I guess that’s what you get when you yield a home run to Tomas Perez later in the game. But, rather than stress that little mishap, I’m going to shower Wright with some praise. Hell, maybe he’ll regain some confidence and become an asset out of the bullpen once Pavano comes back and/or they sign Roger.

[MORE]While I could have done without some of the drama, this was another solid win for the Yanks. Then again, I’m never one to turn his nose up at a W, no matter how it finds them. While this game won’t help in the March for 1,000 Runs, it’s nice to know the Yanks can rely on their pitching to keep games winnable. Last year, had they gone six innings without scoring a run, the pitching might have already put the game out of reach. But this year, we actually have guys who throw, you know, well. And we all know what happens to good hitting teams that find some pitching…

My favorite player of the night was Ron Villone, hands down. Sure, he may have only worked the seventh, but he came through with the game tied. To this point, he has been relegated to mostly mop-up work, and sporadic mop-up work at that. Remember last year, when Buddy Groom flipped out on Torre? Said something to the effect that Torre’s inconsistent use of his bullpen affected his control to the point where he couldn’t get guys out. Well, Villone proved that he’s a much, much better pitcher than Groom. Not that I thought anyone was contesting that, anyway.

The following message is for my father: A-Rod, baby!!! Okay, so he muffed his at-bats in regulation, grounding into a double play, striking out, getting caught stealing, and leaving three men on base. But when it mattered, with runners at second and third with an out in the tenth, A-Rod not only knocked in Damon, but he hit the ball hard and squarely for what seemed like the first time in a long time. Can you imagine what this lineup is going to do once A-Rod and Matsui correct their swings?

I would also like to take this time to thank Bernie Williams for contributing to yesterday’s win with a 3 for 5 performance. And that’s all we’re going to get from him for two weeks or so, as his frail body needs to recover from such exertion. Too bad he won’t be sitting until Gary Sheffield returns. And this brings me to my question: is Sheffield over-nursing this injury because of his contract? Personally, I think that’s the case. Obviously I don’t know exactly how hurt he is, but this seems like typical Sheff.

Note to Joe Torre: starting Bernie, Phillips, and Stinnett is not a good idea. I didn’t catch any of the pregame, and I try to tune out Michael Kay during the game, so I’m not sure if anyone gave a reason for Stinnett starting. But with a day off yesterday and no day game after a night game until Sunday, why the hell wasn’t Jorge starting? Especially with Sheff out of the lineup and Bernie forced into action. I just don’t get it.

In closing, I’m officially scared tonight. Randy faces his kryptonite in the Devil Rays, while Doug Waechter hits the hill against the Yanks. Waechter sucks, which doesn’t bode well for the Yanks. See, there’s an interesting formula that nearly always works when the Rays play the Yanks.

Devil Rays + shitty starting pitcher = embarrassing loss for Yanks

Hopefully we can disprove this theorem tonight.