Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yanks 4, Rangers 3


You know what sucks? There’s going to be a point in July or August (or June or September, for that matter) when I’m going to say “Jorge: in the same sentence as a form of the word “suck.” There’s just no way he can keep up with his current pace. The question remains, however, of whether he’ll regress to early 2006 Jorge or 2005 Jorge.

But let’s savor the hot streak while it’s still in effect. The timing could not be better, for obvious reasons. If he can keep this up until Sheff comes back (whenever the fuck that is), the offense should be in good shape. All this despite the attempts of Andy Phillips (.491 OPS), Bubba Crosby (.641 OPS), and Miguel Cairo (.585 OPS) to sabotage any run scoring opportunities (with apologies to Cairo for Tuesday night). It should also be noted that (small sample size be damned) that Melky Cabrera holds a ..666 OPS, trumping the three aforementioned rally killers, if even by a slim margin.

Why are we talking all this pessimism? There’s reason to celebrate: Chien-Ming Wang and his super ground ball powers. Of the 21 balls put in play, 18 were on the ground. Combine that effort with an 81-pitch, 55-strike performance (68 percent), and you’ve got a guy who should find consistent success. The only thing lacking of Wang is the ability to miss bats, but he’s even improved that this season. And, for what it’s worth, he uses his sinker to induce the ground ball rather than whiff batters. It all seems to work out in the end.

Other points of note:

  • Giambi’s neck doesn’t seem to be bothering him, considering his rip shot double.

  • Andy Phillips may have risen out of “worthless” status, but he’s certainly not worth more than Alex Gordon’s rookie card.

  • You think Robbie Cano will be up early fielding about 18,000 grounders off the bat of Larry Bowa? I do.

Not much time, so no real recap. I’ll try to get something up later on about today’s game.