Thursday, May 18, 2006

Today's Loss

By Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Times have changed
Our stars are getting worse
They won’t hit in the clutch
They just want to strike out and curse

Should we blame Steinbrenner?
Or blame Joe Torre?
Or should we blame Jaret Wright (who pitched very nicely)?


Blame Robinson! Blame Robinson!

We need to form a full assault
It’s Robinson’s fault!

Don’t blame A-Rod
For going 0 for 4
He sat next to Robinson
Now he’s making outs galore

And my boy Bernie once
Could swing a mighty bat
But now when I see him
All I see is his (shitty) OBA stat

Blame Robinson! Blame Robinson!

Well, blame Robinson. Blame Robinson!
It seems everything’s gone wrong since Robinson came along.
Blame Robinson! Blame Robinson!
The guy has two last names, anyway

Jaret Wright could have won the game, how can you disagree?
But because of Robinson he’s now fucking 1 and 3.
Should we blame the pitch count?
Or the homer that was gone
Or Joe Torre, who allowed him to pitch on

Heck no!
Blame Robinson! Blame Robinson!
With all his fielding hullabaloo
And that geezer Scott Erickson, too
Blame Robinson! Blame Robinson!

The errors we must stop
The pitching we must bash
The ballgame and fun
Must all be undone
We must blame him, smile and nod
Before someone thinks of blaming A-Rod!!!!