Friday, May 19, 2006

Thompson Gets Snubbed...Again

Mitch Jones? Okay, maybe he mashes the ball (.224 ISO in Columbus). But he has struck out 41 times in 134 at bats. For those of you without a calculator in front of you, that's once every 3.27 at bats. He's also an infielder, which means only one thing:

Bernie in the outfield for the foreseeable future. Just freakin' wonderful. My guess is that the intention is to use Jones as a DH and backup first baseman (don't know if he's any good with the glove, but I've heard he's rather immobile), moving Phillips to the backup outfield role.

Apparently Cashman and Torre are fine with an outfield of Melky-Damon-Bernie. And you know what? It's going to cost them at least one game over the next 15. Melky is still adjusting, and Bernie is statue-esque in the field. But the front office doesn't care for such logical analysis.

Did Kevin Thompson rob a bank? Sleep with Cashman's daughter? Why is this man, who so obviously should be starting in right field tonight, still sitting in Columbus? Don't the Yankees think they're damaging his confidence by refusing to call him up when he's the clear cut choice?

What I want are answers. What I don't want is Bernie out in the field six fucking days a week.

Just a stupid, stupid move.