Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sorry, Barry, I Just Don't Care Anymore

I’m past the point of sick regarding the Barry Bonds situation, but I feel the need to chime in for what could be the last time. As he continues to knock pitches out of the park, as he is wont to do, it’s becoming a reality that he will have hit the second most home runs in baseball history when all is said and done. And in doing so, he’ll pass one of baseball’s earliest saviors, Babe Ruth.

But you all know this; hell, even the most casual fans are aware of what’s in the offing. While ESPN is planning a round of festivities for when Bonds hits No. 715, most people around baseball won’t even budge.

Because we just don’t care anymore.

[MORE]There’s way too much taint surrounding Bonds to take this milestone seriously. And while most of us have expressed resentment and anger towards this in the past, the topic has grown stale. Yes, Barry Bonds injected himself with illegal drugs that enabled him to work out longer and more frequently. As a result, he was able to become much stronger and drive the ball with more force than previously attainable. This, of course, wasn’t/isn’t fair, but life isn’t fair. Barry cheated the system and got away with it – at least for the time being.

Just because he has physically hit more balls out of ballparks than all but one player in baseball history doesn’t mean that the baseball loving population has to recognize it. Of course, the uber-ignorant fans out in San Fran will stand and applaud and cheer their lungs out when Barry passes the Babe. Some will boo angrily. But most of us will sit back in our recliners and see what else is on TV. And I think that’s the best reaction to this situation.

See, Barry Bonds is a dickhead, and has been since he became a public persona. And as a dickhead, Barry craves attention. In fact, that’s probably the main reason for his douchbaggery. It’s much easier to garner attention by pissing people off than by befriending them.

And now he’s approaching what should be the pinnacle of his attention. He wants people to boo; he wants to be hated for passing the immortal Babe Ruth. The more people that care, the more his ego is fed. So, like the annoying bully in the schoolyard, the best remedy for Bonds is to just ignore him.

I’ve read Game of Shadows; I know the score with baseball players and steroids. I’m not saying that the book is 100 percent accurate, but I’m saying that it gives the lay person a portal into the world of sports doping. And I think it proves, within reason, that Barry Bonds was part of BALCO’s juicing scheme.

Ruth was the stuff of legends. He hit home runs further and with more frequency than any of his contemporaries. Bonds did the same, and that would be admirable if he didn’t have a synthetic advantage. So when I talk about the best power hitters in baseball history, I’ll graze over Barry and talk about Ruth and Aaron until I’m blue in the mouth. And when I’m telling my kids about what baseball was like when I was growing up, I’ll tell them about Barry and how he was arguably the best player in the game, and that wasn’t good enough for him. He had to take illegal drugs to enhance his performance

From reading this, it may seem that I care, but I don’t. Or at least this is my form of therapy so I can exorcise thoughts of Barry before he reaches Ruth.