Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Red Sox 7, Yanks 3


Mike Myers showed up right in time to make me look like an idiot. He’s cruised in every appearance this year, leading me to believe he is the LOOGY that this bullpen has been missing for years. Of course, I came to this conclusion before Myers took the test; and man, did he freakin’ fail.

Everyone knows that the LOOGY in the Yankees bullpen, while having other more menial duties, is charged with one task: contain David Ortiz. And when placed into action, Myers failed. Of course, there will be time for redemption, but for now it’s Ortiz 1, Myers 0.

[MORE]See, I can forgive Myers; he had come into 10 games before tonight, and his ERA sat at a shiny 0.00. On the other hand is Tanyon Sturtze, who is a waste of a roster spot. Aaron Small – in his first appearance since last October – managed to scrounge together 2 1/3 innings without allowing a run,* but Sturtze couldn’t even retire a single batter in his appearance. And it was Mark Loretta. Mark Loretta who is hitting .214. Mark Loretta who is 6 for his last 41 (.146). God I hate Sturtze.

Not that the Yankees really deserved to win the game anyway. It was nice to see them string together a few walks and hits in the fourth to give themselves a fighting chance, but they sent only 26 hitters to the plate otherwise (of a minimum 24). While David Ortiz was busy going 3 for 4 with for RBI, A-Rod was just sitting there twiddling his thumbs, 0 for 2 with a strikeout. Though he did walk twice, which seems to be the only thing he can do right. I don’t want to overreact or anything, but I think it’s time he fired his therapist.

Really, what else can I say? Wakefield did what Wakefield does, which is pitch well against the Yankees. And from there it’s Gordon-Rivera – er, Timlin-Papelbon. Good 1-2 punch for ‘dem Red Sox.

A final note on pitching strategy. The NoMaas crew is rightfully bashing Joe Torre for his use of Sturtze while Farnsworth lie dormant in the bullpen. But really, his error was much earlier. Why was Small out there in the 8th? Now, I can understand not using Farnsworth to an extent; it was tied and he had thrown 1 2/3 yesterday. However, there is a kid by the name of Scott Proctor who has been lights out lately. Why not begin the inning with him rather than bring him in to mop up the mess you created?

All we can hope for tomorrow is that a full lineup be focused against that pesky Josh Beckett. I have a feeling he’ll be brining his A game to the park tomorrow, as will Shawn Chacon. Nothing would please me more than a 2-1 pitcher’s duel. Okay, scoring 17 runs would please me more, but beyond that…