Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Red Sox 14, Yankees Suck


A couple of Win Expectancy house cleaning notes before I really get pissed.
1) I didn’t charge Melky with that dropped fly ball. The scorers may have given him an error, but that’s because it was the only option. Look, Cano was drifting straight back for it, and Damon was coming in. It did something funny in that Yankee Stadium air and unexpectedly drifted towards Melky. It’s amazing that it even hit his glove

2) You may notice that Sturtze’s WE ended up at zero. This is because the Red Sox were at 100 percent win probability when Sturtze entered the game. These late innings situations are bound to be screwed up, also evidenced by Villone being credited .001 for two innings of no-run ball.

3) And, just because they were inexcusable, I fully charged A-Rod for his fielding mishaps. Shame on you, Alex. Shame.

[MORE]You may want to avert your eyes from the above chart; it’s been known to send men into blind rage. The chart is a bit more seeable, but not by much. All in all, a pathetic showing last night. Randy sucked, Small sucked, Sturtze sucked, and A-Rod sucked. The rest of the guys either sucked less or just didn’t show up (see Williams, Bernie).

If you’re at work, you may not want to look at the next chart, as you’ll be tempted to blurt out profanities in rapid succession. Just so you can brace yourself, it’s Randy Johnson’s performance over his last three starts.


As you can see, it’s a lot worse than his 7.63 (7.63!!!) ERA would indicate. I didn’t toss many calculated stats into the chart because 1) they wouldn’t fit and 2) it’s much more fun to take a look at abysmal raw numbers and see how badly they compute. But you want to see them, right? Curiosity getting the best of you? Just can’t help but wonder how bad Randy Johnson is at this point?

WHIP: 1.89
K/BB: 0.82
NP/IP: 19.11
Strike %: 58

The worst part of it all is that he was only charged with two earned runs last night, when in fact he earned almost all seven – with a little help from Brother A-Rod. I’ll get to him later.

It was apparent in the third inning that Randy didn’t have his good stuff tonight. But in the fourth, it was clear that he wasn’t even thinking about the game anymore. I mean, just LOOK at that wild pitch to Loretta. Just pathetic. And then the 3-0 pitch to Loretta…well, I’ve got a mouthful about that one.

I flipped by Baseball Tonight later on, and Harold Reynolds talked about how Loretta disrespected Johnson by creaming that pitch, citing that hitters normally have a red light 3-0, and that Loretta was some 3 for 42 (forget the exact number) against Randy lifetime. You know, I used to like and respect Reynolds. Sure, he got tiresome at times, but on the whole he made more sense than his colleagues. This comment, however, is just ludicrous. Loretta hasn’t had a lick of success against Randy, so when he’s ahead 3-0 he shouldn’t be thinking, “gotta respect Big Bird out there and take the next pitch.” He’s thinking, “man, I can’t hit this guy worth a shit, and this is going to be my best opportunity.” So Randy laid one in there, and Loretta swung at opportunity. In fact, I have more respect for Loretta for what he did. It takes balls to swing at a 3-0 pitch when you’re only up a run. He didn’t try to do too much with it, just put it in play and score at least one run.

So that’s three straight horrible performances by Mr. Johnson, and I don’t expect him to get any better in the near future. I just read Pete Abraham’s pre-game update, and I have to say that I’m legitimately concerned.

Torre answered a lot of pre-game questions about Randy Johnson's mental state. The big man needs a good outing tonight or that's going to get worse.

Of course, I don’t think it’s going to get worse merely because a credentialed writer says so. But if Randy’s mental health is a concern, we’re in big trouble. Maybe he could see A-Rod’s shrink. Or maybe he could heed the following advice, doled out by me:

You are Randy fucking Johnson, the Big Unit. Start acting like it. If your mechanics are off, take the time to correct them. Concentrate. Focus. Maybe you’ve lost a few ticks off your fastball, but you’re still a dominating pitcher. Think your shoulder is flying open? Then take at least an hour every day and go through your motions, slowly, and make sure you can correct it. Concerned about your release point? Pay extra-close attention to it in your side session. Ask people if they notice anything. Seek help from Ron Guidry and Joe Kerrigan. This is not a charade. You lack discipline, Randy. And until you can bear down and focus, you’re no good to this team.

I seriously think he’s either dogging it at this point, or letting something non-physical affect him. He’s had three good starts this season, so it’s not like he’s looked washed up since Opening Day (a day on which he pitched rather well). However, if Randy can in fact be rejuvenated, we likely won’t see it until sometime in June.

And for that punk-ass A-Rod – RUN OUT YOUR FREAKIN GROUND BALLS! I don’t care what the flippin’ score is, Mr. $25 Mil. If you hit a ground ball, you run your ass off down to first base no matter what. Too bad Torre is too much of a pansy ass to bench A-Rod tomorrow; I sure as hell would. Torre eventually did remove him last night, but a full inning after his half-assed trot down to first base.

If you commit two errors in a game, if you look generally lackadaisical in an 0 for 3 performance, if you fail to run out a ground ball (and potentially break up a double play), and you play for my team, you’re certainly not seeing time the next game.

Also benched in my mind for tomorrow’s game: Bernie Williams. After looking foolish against Beckett in three straight at-bats, Bernie deemed it appropriate to argue a third strike the was far too close to contest. But Bernie, obviously embarrassed that the only contact he made all night was a foul freakin ball, got himself tossed. The only reason I can think of is that he just didn’t want to play the rest of the night.

Tomorrow’s game can’t come any faster. I need to forget about this disaster.