Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rangers 4, Yanks 2


After Jorge popped out to end the game last night, I had this feeling of empty dejectedness. We had lost yet another winnable game. It hurts in a different way than when you lose 6-1, and certainly different than losing 4-3 to the Red Sox. But after last night’s loss, I could hardly tell the difference. Pissed off, I began thinking of how to rip the Yanks a new one in this here space (they’re swinging at bad pitches early in the count, they don’t score runs after the seventh inning, etc.). After a conversation with my buddy Andy, though, I decided to wait until morning.

Great freakin’ idea.

[MORE]Don’t get me wrong; I’m still pissed that we lost a winnable game. But I’m much less, “these Yankees effing suck” at this point, which is a good thing. They don’t suck. In fact, had Giambi been able to stay in the game, I might not be so pissed. Not only would he have been hitting behind Jeter’s 8th inning 2-out single (I had an open $20 bet that Phillips would strike out), but he would have been able to handle said Jeter’s slightly errant throw in the 9th. Not that it made a difference in the score, but if the ump doesn’t give Proctor that called third strike on Young you have a different scenario.

Thankfully, we can take a positive from this game, and that’s yet another top-notch outing by Moose. It’s hilarious how he’s pitching to the expectations we set for Randy, while Randy is, as they say, pulling a Moose.

But, Randy did show signs of life yesterday despite giving up four runs over six innings. If he can perpetuate the adjustment he made after the first, the Yanks might be able to compensate for the loss of Sheff and Matsui for the time being.

Though, nothing can compensate for the loss of Giambi. I haven’t gotten wind as to whether he’ll play tonight or not, and I’m sure that will be contingent on how sore he is this morning. The safe expectation is that he’ll DH, which means Bernie will likely be in the outfield and Phillips at first. So right off the bat, I’m not so confident about tonight’s game. The Rangers are a hard-hitting team that puts the ball in the outfield consistently. The outfield tandem of Cabrera-Damon-Crosby seems ideal for this four-game set, and while I understand the urge to mix things up out there, to do so is to compromise the effectiveness of the grass roamers.

That brings us to tonight’s starter, Shawn Chacon. Normally, I’d give some schpeil about how I’m shaky on him facing a hard-hitting Rangers lineup, with his propensity to put men on base and all. But he adequately handled Texas last time out, and he pitched okay against a similarly threatening Red Sox lineup. I’m not predicting a gem here, but I think Chacon will be just fine out there. He might even make things interesting, make you bite off a few of your fingernails. And then you can all watch after he’s pulled after the sixth for a high pitch count and we see Proctor AGAIN. Though, I don’t know what would be worse, seeing Proctor make yet another appearance, or see Scott Erickson take the hill.

While last night’s game shouldn’t have riled me up, a loss tonight very well could. That would be three in a row, and we all know that means a losing streak. Compound that with the fact that Baltimore simply cannot beat Boston, and you can just picture us sliding down the standings.

It’s just mid-May. It’s just mid-May.