Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More on Randy

As he is wont to do, Dave Pinto offers a reasonable look at Randy Johnson's current problems.

Everything in the linked story seems to make sense. Your right shoulder is stiff, you shrug it off because you're a lefty, and you go out there not knowing how it's going to affect your delivery.

It looks like there are two options left at this point. First is to DL Randy, which likely wouldn't happen for at least one more start. The other is to get out there with Gator this week and figure out how to adjust his delivery to compensate for his stiff right shoulder. This, of course, is the riskier of the two, since an alteration in delivery can lead to further injury (see Pavano, Carl).

It would really help if we had a guy like Cole Hamels waiting in Columbus. Alas, we don't, making this whole Randy situation a bit stickier. The Yanks are hitting the meat of their schedule, meaning that a fifth starter will probably be used, well, every fifth game. Carl Pavano is still weeks away from rejoining the team, and something tells me we'll be hovering around the .500 mark if J-Wright and Small are both in the rotation.

The only viable option that I can see is promoting Darrell Rasner. The only problem is that with the Yankees upcoming schedule, they don't have room to juggle and minimize Rasner's number of appearances. He'd likely have to start thrice in Randy's absence, while the ideal situation would be to have him there for two and juggle the off-days around him.

But who knows. Maybe Randy will overcome this injury and figure out how to keep his shoulder from flying open. We'll see on Sunday.