Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Here's Melky!

It's official: That pussy Sheffield is headed for the DL.

Since it's retroactive to May 6, Sheffield won't be eligible to return until May 21st, giving Melky Cabrera 13 days (and 13 games) to prove he's coming around. He'll be around for the entire home stand, including the trip out to Shea next weekend. Sheffield will be eligible to come back in time for the next Boston series, scheduled for May 22-24 at Fenway.

Joe Torre is on the record saying that whoever gets the call will play pretty much every day, since that's what they were accustomed to in Columbus. I'm all for giving Melky a 13-day audition, though I doubt he'll be starting tonight. Bubba Crosby needs his playing time, too, and one would figure he would be in right field to begin the series.

Of the 13 games, I expect to see Melky in 10. Best case scenario is that he tears the place apart and is cause for Bubba's ouster. Worst case is that he looks like he did last July. Most likely case is that he gets a hit every fourth time up, draws very few walks, and knocks an extra base hit or two. After the 13 games, he'll head back down to Columbus to continue his dominance.

The only problem I see is that Melky is now down to one option. Should The Melky Experiment, Take Two fail, there won't be any more experiments. It's all or nothing after this.