Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Burning Out The Arms


Looks like everyone is all over Farnsworth for allowing the Tigers to tie the game in the eighth inning last night. Not me. It was his fourth outing in five days, and sooner or later he’s just going to lose the oomph in his throw. But, because Torre has his inexplicable formula of using only Farny in the eighth inning when the Yanks have a lead, he was forced into action.

[MORE]Remember in 2004, when Quantrill aptly came out of the bullpen for the seventh inning when the Yanks had a lead? And remember how trigger happy Joe got with him, tossing him 95 innings in 86 appearances? And remember how he broke down around late August, leaving the Yanks with an even slimmer bullpen come playoff time? You’d think he would have learned from this mistake, but no. Tom Gordon pitched 90 innings that year as well, though he didn’t show the same fatigue down the stretch. Oh, but in the playoffs he sure showed the wear and tear, posting a 6.97 ERA. Still, no learning from Torre.

Torre has another guy he’s going to kill, and that’s Scott Proctor. The Yanks are now 50 games deep into the 2006 season, and Proctor has appeared in half of them, tossing 34 innings. Extrapolate that over an entire season, and you’ve got 81 appearances for a total of 110 innings. And that’s only if Proctor makes it that far without his arm falling off. Sure, he’s pitched over 90 innings in two of his professional seasons, both in the minors. But in those seasons he was a starter, pitching every fifth day as opposed to this year, where he’s pitching every other day.

Farnsworth and Proctor are good relievers. Ron Villone is a good reliever. Mariano Rivera is the greatest reliever to play the game. Why isn’t Joe more evenly splitting the time? Hasn’t his formula been proven fraudulent? We have a good bullpen! Can’t we please get some effectiveness out of it?

Strapped for time today, but on a final note, I would just like to point out to the other 29 teams that there is a surefire way to put away Alex Rodriguez. Throw at his head. Just once, first pitch of the at bat. He’ll be so rattled that he’ll flail at the subsequent pitches. And should he make contact, it will be so menial that it’s a sure out. Simple as that, folks.