Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You Know It's Baseball Season...

When you're sitting at your computer on a beautiful day, voraciously entering in statistics, listening to a game, and reading anything and everything related to baseball.

By the way, Aaron Boone racked up his third hit of the day, driving in another run. Who is this Aaron Boone character, and where was he from August through October of 2003?

Update: Holy Lord, he just hit a bomb. Boone is now 4-4. I hate this guy.

It's 7-1 right now in favor of the Tribe, so it's looking like revenge from Sunday night's drubbing. It's nice to see a blowout every once in a while (and all the time if the Yanks are on the victorious end), but I expect more from these two teams.

Hopefully the Cliff Lee-Jose Contreras rubber matchup will prove more gratifying tomorrow.

And on a final note, listening to the Indians makes me long for Bob Uecker in the booth. I have a feeling that I'll be hitting up a Brewers game or 50 this year.