Friday, April 28, 2006

Yanks 4, Rays 1


Apparently Hideki Matsui responds well to criticism. I’ve been hard on him of late, mainly because his swing looks like it’s got a hole. But he came through tonight, mashing a double to put the Yanks up for good, proving that they don’t need to score eight runs to win a game. Why don’t they need to score eight runs this year?

Pitching, pitching, pitching. After starting the season a bit shaky, Chacon has come through of late. The commentators (mostly Kay and Sterling) talk about how much he loves being a Yankee and pitching in front of the Bronx crowd, and I can only hope that it’s true. He may not be an ace, but I’ll take him as my three or four man any time. But, I’d want to see him continue this success throughout the season before offering him dollar bills in free agency.

Remember last year, when the bullpen bit so bad that the Yanks had to cut various veterans throughout the season? Karsay, Groom, Stanton, and Quantrill were all shown the door. Problem was, there weren’t a good number of adequate replacements, and we were stuck watching Tanyon Sturtze using his stellar month of May to write his ticket for the rest of the season. But this year, the personnel looks a bit more trustworthy (though we still see Tanyon’s ugly mug from time to time).

Mike Myers is the man, and I’m still convinced he’s the most underrated addition to the team. I fear, however, that his effectiveness will be limited as the season progresses. His approach is based on unfamiliarity, and it’s possible that hitters will begin to hit him as they see him more; such is the natural progression of things. But, for the time being, he’s the best lefty specialist we’ve had since Stanton’s first stint.

So, all in all, great game tonight. They did everything they didn’t do on Wednesday night night, and came away with a win. I’ll take a few of those types of wins weekly, thank you very much. But tonight, oh tonight.

Tonight we brace ourselves, as Jaret Wright takes the hill. He could implode at any second out there, or at least could tear a rotator cuff. Thankfully, Scotty Proctor is well rested and should be ready in the likely scenario that J-Wright blows it within the first three innings. Personally, I think Proctor should be getting the start, but $7 million talks.

Once again, I’ll take two of three this weekend. Just so long as one of the two comes Sunday.