Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Something To Think About Come July

Marlins May Be Shopping Willis, Cabrera

Of course, I'll believe it when I see it. However, it would make sense, seeing how the Marlins have already purged their roster and failed to lock up Dontrelle long-term this winter. You know what's coming next...

If I'm Cashman, I'm putting together a package based around Wang and Hughes in the effort to acquire Willis. The kid is only 24 years old, still in his arbitration years, and most importantly, he's a proven lefty. A rotation boasting him and Randy might be just what the Yanks need to counteract Shilling-Beckett.

Now, I know what you're thinking; you don't want to give up Wang and Hughes. But let me tell you something: there are no guarantees with Hughes. He's a torn labrum away from busting big time. And Wang is far from proven. Yet, these two are valuable because of their age and potential. So maybe Hughes becomes the next Roger Clemens. Think he might want to sign with the Yanks as a free agent when the time comes?

Of course, those two alone probably won't do the trick, and I'd immediately refuse any counteroffer involving Cano. He's far too valuable to the organization at this point. Eric Duncan, maybe, but the Duncan-Hughes-Wang package is as high as I'd go. Remember, this isn't a Buhner for Phelps deal; Willis is still young and could become a facet in the Yanks rotation for the next eight to ten years. And as we learned with Pettitte (whom I also wouldn't mind re-acquiring should the Astros fall out of contention), lefties are invaluable at Yankee Stadium.

Surely, there will be other 10 or so teams in the bidding for Dontrelle, so there's no guarantee that Duncan-Hughes-Wang gets the job done. But, should the Marlins be willing to accept such a package, I think Cashman needs to act without blinking.