Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rays 4, Yanks 2


Does anyone really want to read about this game? We heard it all throughout the night: the Devil Rays issued 14 walks, and the Yanks left 16 on the base paths in the 4-2 loss. Of note, Mo blew another game, though a few inches here and there, and you get a completely different outcome. But, in the end, it fell on his shoulders.

Other notables from this game (in bullet points, since I’m too pissed to recap the whole thing):

  • Matsui continues his piss poor plate performance, going 0 for 4 with only an intentional walk. Gotta question Joe Madden’s decision there, since pitching to Hideki is basically a guaranteed out at this point.

  • Notice Sheffield’s negative WE, despite his 2-run shot to tie the game in the fifth. That’s what happens when you make the last out with two on in a tie game in the eighth, and make the last out in the game with the bases loaded. Nice effort, Sheff, but you don’t get a free pass for hitting a dinger.

  • Thankfully, even inconsistent pitchers have good outings here and there, hence the term ‘inconsistent.’ We got one from Wanger tonight, which means he’ll toss a few more duds before another one like this. Yes yes, I’m King Pessimist.

  • Good Lord did Farnsworth look dominant. He needed just 12 pitches to plow down three D-Rays. It literally looked efortless.

  • Crosby: 1 for 2 with a walk and a sacrifice. I’ll take that once a week.

  • Giambi: 0 for 1 with four walks. Holy freakin shmoley.

  • A-Rod: what the hell has he done this season?

  • Cano’s hit streak continues

Two things before I wrap up. First, with regard to WE, there was a bit of subjectivity tonight. I charged Jorge 50 percent for all stolen bases (Wang with the other 50 percent), which I said I was going to do from the get-go. I guess that makes up for the gift points he got last night. I also gave credit for the intentional walk to nobody. Matsui sure could have used the points, but he sure as hell doesn’t deserve them.

Finally, Kim Jones is the biggest idiot in the world. I’m serious, I don’t know anyone more retarded (not in the handicap sense, in the “she’s a freakin’ moron” sense). Joe Beningo put it best last year on the FAN when he wondered aloud whether Jones knew which teams were playing that day. Only she would ask the following questions (paraphrased):

To Bubba Crosby: “Would you rather have won in your first start of the year?”
To Jorge Posada: “Would you say the reason you lost is that you didn’t capitalize with runners on?”
To Mariano: “Would you have liked Gaithright’s single back?” (the chopper up the middle in the 10th)

And that’s not even mentioning the inane questions she asks Joe Torre nightly. She is the sorriest excuse for a journalist I have ever witnessed. Duuuuuhhhhh, no Kim, I’m glad we lost in the only game I’ve started this year. No, Kim, I’m glad Gaithright hit that single and scored the eventual winning run. You know what? I’m with Beningo. I’m willing to bet she doesn’t know who is playing on a given night.