Saturday, April 29, 2006

No. 9

Decision time: you just signed two mediocre QBs in the off-season, and you're on the clock with Matt freakin' Leinart on the board. And two valuable DTs as well. So what do you do? Do you trade down when trading down means a much, much worse pick? Or do you do what Oakland and Buffalo have done and just take the top guy on your board?

The theme of this year's draft has been taking YOUR guy, no matter where he's slotted. Forget the hype, just take your guy. Make ridiculous demands for your pick, and when no team bites, do what benefits your team the most. I'm down with that strategy.

Here it is. Will Matt Millen's idiocy grow?

Wow. Real early. I remember a few weeks ago, I thought the G-Men had a legitimate shot at Sims, though I thought that a small trade-down might have been necessary. But really, I never saw Ernie as a top-ten pick. And now the Cardinals are going to take Leinart. I'm taking a piss...hopefully the pick isn't announced before I return.