Saturday, April 29, 2006

No. 8

So you have the safe pick in Bunkley, and you have the sexy pick in Leinart. But when you break it all down, Leinart is the sexy pick AND the pick with all the potential in the world.

Sal Paolantonio just checked in, saying that there are a few teams interested in taking the eighth pick off the Bills hands. However, since the Bills are in a quite sad state, I think they have to use this pick on Bunkley, Ngata, or Leinart. All three could benefit the team, and while having more draft picks will help them in the long run, they do have immediate options.

WARNING: We're on the No. 8 pick, and roughly an hour and a half into the draft. And this keg is still going strong. So yeah, some of my commentary might seem...a little off. And if I miss a selection, it's because I'm using the bathroom.

Here's Tags.

Curveball? Boomer just mentioned a curveball. Maybe Randy threw a curveball when he gave up a double to Wells earlier.

Uh, who? Okay, I know who Donte Whitner is, but this is a freakin knuckleball. Completely unexpected. And now the Lions have a decision to make. More on that in a sec.