Saturday, April 29, 2006

No. 4

Here it is, all the marbles. There's no way the Jets should trade down at this point, with Leinart and Ferguson still on the board. In all reality, this is the ideal situation for the Jets: three picks done, two of which were guys the Jets didn't want.

While there are quite a few options available here, there are two at the forefront: Leinart or Ferguson. And we know the reaction from the Jets Faithful for each. Leinart will be heralded as the next Broadway Joe, and Ferguson will be booed like Kyle Brady when we could have had Warren Sapp.

Thanks to Mozilla and having roughly eight tabs open right now (all draft or food related), I'm able to tune out Michael Irvin and Tom Jackson. While I like Jackson, Irvin brings out the worst in him, and when they're paired I can't understand a word they freakin say. Not that I understand Boomer any better.

Here's Tags!

I am crushed. Okay, I understand the sensibility of selecting Ferguson. It makes sense to take an anchor. And surprisingly, the Jets contingency isn't booing as horribly as I had predicted. But really, I think it was a mistake to pass on Leinart.