Saturday, April 29, 2006

No. 2

On the clock: New Orleans.

The consensus from the Basement Room (our version of the War Room) is that D'Brickashaw would have made more sense for the Texans. With Moulds on board along with Andre Johnson (and the aforementioned Domnick Davis), the offense would benefit tenfold from a solid LT. Now, they face the same problems from years past: David Carr under constant pressure from a rushing defense. Thankfully, this is a deep draft for offensive linemen, and the Texans hold the first pick in each round. Look for a tackle in Round 2.

Here's Tags:

Reggie Bush. No surprise here. As I've read elsewhere, they drafted Deuce with Ricky Williams under contract, so this makes sense in the minds of the Saints.

Best part of the pick: Jets fans booing like mad. In fact, the Basement Room resounded with boos as Tags announced the pick. But whatever. If the Saints want to pick a guy they don't necessarily need, more power to 'em.

Plus, they'll be picking Top Three again next year, so it's no biggie for the Saints.