Friday, April 07, 2006

Joel Sherman Steals From Me

Joel Sherman, normally of the New York Post but today writing for the MSG Network's website, ventured into the same subject I grazed yesterday: the 2006 Yankees have been showing shades of 2005.

The Yankees lost two of three to open the season against the A’s, but they lost far more than that. They also lost the ability to keep claiming they are a changed team. Despite all the talk and all the emphasis to address shortcomings, the Yankees were same as they ever were.

So the talk can stop now. We are going to have to see the walk to believe the Yankees are not a carbon copy of 2005, when their offense, overwhelming pool of talent and Mariano Rivera helped them win yet another division title despite the fact that their pitching was ordinary, their defense horrendous, and their reliance on walks and the long ball all but absolute.

Normally I don't like Sherman. But how can I dislike him when he posted the same opinion as me...and I beat him to it?

Also of note in this article:

For the record, James Frey says he was writing "Enter Sandman" well before Rivera or Wagner were even major leaguers.

Apparently Sherman has been perusing A Million Little Pieces, a half-fictional account penned by crack addict James Frey. James Hetfield was the author of "Enter Sandman" -- though I'm sure everyone but Sherman knew that already.