Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It Reads Like a Journal...But I'm Posting It Anyway

Like none of us saw this coming: after two solid looking innings, Mike Mussina seems to be breaking down in the third, surrendering a dinger to Nick Swisher (good for fantasy, bad for Yanks), and a series of hits that resulted in another run. I sit here with runners on the corners and two down, Yanks trailing 2-1 with the Big Hurt at the plate…and he popped out, though the fans at McAfee Coliseum had me believing it was a homer.

The Yanks showed shades of 2005, failing to capitalize on a leadoff walk and an ensuing double. Second and third with none out, and Rich Harden bore down and whiffed the next three guys – not to mention Matsui to lead off the second. And, to make matters worse, all three guys in the first inning – Sheffield, A-Rod, and Giambi – all looked quite foolish in the act of whiffing. Thankfully, Giambi compensated by drawing a four pitch walk in the fourth, followed by Matsui’s redeeming double, leaving us with the same situation as the first. Unfortunately for the Yanks, Jorge, Bernie, and Cano are more likely to K than Sheffield, A-Rod and Giambi.

What the hell was up with A-Rod’s base running gaffe in the third? First off, he didn’t hustle out of the box, which pissed me off to begin with. Then, he looked to be turning on the jets when the lollipop throw came home, but he clearly wouldn’t have enough time to reach second safely. The only possible explanation is that he was trying to get into a run down so Sheffield could score…but that usually works better with less than two outs and a guy who gives a crap on third base. Complete mental error on A-Rod’s part.

[MORE]The AFLAC trivia question was regarding streaks of winning 10 or more games in a season. Considering I remember a very similar question from the A-Rod-Colon game last year, I think I know the answer is Greg Maddux. Answer as soon as we get it.

And, to make this entry a bit more disorganized, Posada just grounded out to short, allowing Giambi to chug home. Why can’t YES give us a split screen every time Giambi is on base? Is there anything more hilarious than his cartoonish body wobbling towards the next base? It’s a tie game with a runner on second, but Bernie and Cano make that moot, respectively popping out weakly and lining out to center.

Yep, that was a relatively easy trivia question. My dad routinely schools me on these things, so it’s satisfying when I know one for sure. I’m patting myself on the back.

I’m attempting to keep raw statistics for every player this season in an attempt to sort through all of these calculated statistics. It’s been interesting thus far, and of note to mention that Man Ram has struck out four times already this season, and has a measly single to show for it. Think he’s happy?

Mussina with a bit of redemption, striking out Swisher for the first out of the fifth. And here he goes again, falling behind Marco Scutaro – MARCO SCUTARO – 3-0.

Bobby Murcer is senile. “The last time Mussina missed starts was back in 2004.” Really now. What was September 2005? Nah, he wasn’t injured; Torre just gave him the month off. Jeter has Murcer’s back, making up for his gaffe with a swift double play to end the inning.

Justin Duchscherer in relief of Rich Harden now, which makes me hopeful with a 3-2 lead in the sixth. He pronounces it “DUKE-shur,” but I think he should go with, “DOO-shur.” Does that make me immature?

I’ll probably be the 8,000th person to note this, but so much for Eric Chavez’s slow starts. Ding dong and we’re tied at 3 with Thomas up and Mussina still throwing. And walking. And saved by Cano. Good job by the kid, and we’re in the midst of a nail biter.

Hmm…Scott Proctor to start the ninth. Interesting decision here. And now they’re walking Nick Swisher with first base open. Kay points out that the Yanks are doing it to set up the force, but in reality, it’s because Proctor is horrible against lefties and Swish has already parked one today.

Game. Scott Proctor let Marco Freakin’ Scutaro

Well, it was the same old story for the Yanks tonight, as they failed to score in key situations. I realize they’re not going to score every time they get guys in scoring position, but you expect at least one of Sheffield, A-Rod, and Giambi to at least hit a mid-range fly ball with runners on second and third with none out. And my dad has fuel for the A-Rod pyre, as he grounded to short to end the ninth.

Wang vs. Haren tomorrow night. Obviously, it’s not a must-win, but it’s certainly a "boy, I’d like to" win.

On a final note, the absolute best question of Torre's post-game debriefing: "were you happy when Johnny Damon doubled in the ninth?" Are you kidding me, lady?