Monday, April 24, 2006

I Think I Just Wet Myself

Okay, so you could just click on the article to your left, but I just have to chime in here. Tony Womack just got DFA'd by the Reds. If nothing else, this move insures that Dan O'Brien will never find employment at the GM level, if ever again in baseball.

The move was a no-brainer, since Womack is horrible and newcomer Brandon Phillips is more than holding his own. With Rich Aurilia and Ryan Freel on board, the Reds infield was rather clogged, and flushing Womack was obviously the best remedy.

This even further begs the question of what O'Brien was thinking when he traded two prospects. Of course, they aren't of the can't miss breed, but they are warm bodies that have more potential to succeed in the coming years than Womack.

Reds GM Wayne Krivsky won't be as lucky as Brian Cashman in finding a trade partner for Womack, mainly because O'Brien isn't currently in the game. So, Womack should become a free agent sometime next week, where he'll be able to find out once and for all that he's a washed-up never-was. If any team offers him anything more than a minor league deal, their GM will be filling out job applications by the end of the season.